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Writing Advice, Moon Missions & Exploring Together

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In this inaugural episode, I talk to Jatan Mehta, a popular science communicator. At the heart of this discussion is the question of how we get more people interested in space. Jatan does this by providing a comprehensive summary of humanity’s leap back to the Moon.

We also talk about his writing process and then cover various re-energized public missions to the Moon – from Artemis to Chandrayaan to Chang’e. South Korea’s space program gets an honorable mention.

I hope you enjoy this as much as I did talking to Jatan!

[00:30 – 02:00] Introduction – Moon Monday, Nature Article, Indian Space Progress

[02:25 – 05:00] How to get more people interested in Space? – Sidewalk Astronomy

[05:00 – 14:10] Jatan’s writing process – RSS, Workflowy

[14:10 – 20:10] NASA plans –  NASA’s Artemis, Artemis II, Artemis III, Starship HLS, Artemis Plan, Gateway

[20:1 0 – 25:20] ISRO’s plans – Chandrayaan 3 , Gaganyaan, Lupex Mission, Water Ice, Artemis Accords, Quad Factsheet

[25:20 – 28:00] Indian Space Policy, In-Situ Resource Utilization

[28:00 – 33:00] China’s space progress – Chang’e 5, Chang’e 8, Lunar Base, Andrew Jones, China Monitor

[30:00 – 34:30] South Korean Space Program –  KPLO

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