Cosmic Perspective With Mark

Astrophotography, Supernova Detection & Social Media Branding

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Few people can turn their hobby into a tool for public benefit. Mark has done just that by broadcasting his love for Astronomy through public education events. My conversation with Mark covers how he does impactful science communication by bringing the Universe down to us in its exquisite detail. We also talk about how anyone can ignite the love for Astronomy in young and old.

Mark’s success proves that a picture is worth a thousand words. I hope you enjoy this as much as I did talking to Mark!

[00:00 - 01:30] Intro – Instagram, Website, Youtube, Threads

[01:30 - 03:10] Changes during Covid

[03:10 - 05:10] Building the brand

[05:10 - 07:30] What inspires Mark?

[07:30 - 09:00] Impact of looking up

[09:00 - 10:30] Favorite image

[10:30 - 13:40] Choosing what to show on outreach events (NGC3206 Supernova)

[13:40 - 15:45] Common questions asked – How do we measure the distances to things in space? 

[15:45 - 17:30] NASA Solar System Program

[17:30 - 22:20] Spark interest of Astronomy in young & old – Darksite finder

[22:20 - 23:30] What equipment to start with? Guide

[23:30 - 26:10] Building the social media brand

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